Our construction services include preconstruction, management and design-build. We offer new construction, build-to-suit, design-build, core & shell, tenant buildouts/renovations and building additions and/or repositioning.

Our specialties include national brands, franchises, industrial, manufacturing, retail, office/mixed use, non-profit, education, automotive and healthcare building construction services. The advantage you get with RISE Construction includes self-performing trades, transparency of scope, lean construction planning/scheduling and technology.


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As a construction company, our lean approach to construction management helps alleviate waste and maximizes the value while minimizing cost to the stakeholder. We continually improve our processes to run as lean as possible for the benefit of all stakeholders.

First, we identify the value the customer is looking for in their building construction project. Then we track that value stream, analyzing the use and cost of materials, information and workflow processes.

Next, we create a production schedule based on the customer’s requests and available resources for the project. We improve processes throughout the project timeline and continue to analyze data to make better informed decisions for cost effective and efficient solutions for the customer.

We work with everyone involved to plan and schedule work. Our feedback and data stream helps us continue to improve as we work with suppliers to optimize the chain. We use a variety of planning tools, software and technology to plan and execute on the project. We cultivate the best in everyone to ensure the project is a success for all stakeholders.

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Construction management is an important function for a construction company. It is a general contracting service that includes planning, coordinating and supervising at building construction sites and projects from start to completion.

The range of tasks and responsibilities for this service ensures projects are completed in a timely and cost efficient manner, adhering to a budget. Learn about each function in greater detail.

  • Project Planning/Scheduling

    Create a project plan that defines the scope of work, resources needed and project budget. The construction manager works with the customer and design team to make sure all project plans and elements meet the specifications and requirements for building construction and design.

  • Cost Estimate

    Get a cost estimate from your construction manager that will establish your building or construction budget. The budget should include the cost of all expenses inlcuding mterials, equipment and labor.

  • Supervision

    Any project that is worth significant value requires supervision of the construction. The construction manager works diligently to oversee work, timeline and budget requirements throughout the construction project. Safety is paramount at the worksite. The construction manager will create an efficient but safe work zone, monitoring and directing subcontractors.

  • Safety

    Reduce liabilities with RISE Construction’s management, including safety and risk mitigation. This includes providing safety equipment, training, directives and programming to provide a safe work environment and structure.

  • Documentation

    Complete your project on time and on budget. Documentation and reporting are critical to what we do as a construction company. Management is responsible for maintaining records and reports on progress, changes, orders, cost and other elements of general contracting activities.

  • Design Management

    The construction manager ensures all designs are actually feasible for construction. They review documents and plans thoroughly and cross checks for issues or problems.

  • Procurement

    Our building contractors provide procurement and contracting. The construction management includes procurement of supplies, materials and equipment. We can work with customers to find appropriate suppliers and subcontractors for each element associated with your general contracting plan.

  • QC

    Quality control is an essential element of construction services from building contractors. Make sure all work meets required quality standards by trusting our expert construction management program to implement stringent protocols and inspection.

  • Reflexivity

    RISE Construction’s management team are reflexive to changes in project scope, budget or schedule. They can pinpoint needed reconfigurations and analyze the impact then seek approval promptly to execute the changes.

  • Closing

    The construction manager for your project will be responsible for closing out the project and verification of all work completion. This includes commissioning and ensuring functionality and durability of all design and construction elements.

Value Engineering

RISE is a True Self-Performing general contractor. We are able to meet aggressive goals and deadlines at competitive pricing. We implement value engineering, a process that helps our clients realize the most value for every dollar they spend. At RISE Construction, value engineering provides a continuing participatory process for everyone involved in the project, providing the most detailed information to make informed decisions.

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  • What to Expect

    You can expect our quality control process to begin with a crystal clear understanding of expectations for the project goals. The project team will conduct pre-installation meetings, review mock-ups and submittals, implement quality control meetings, review work in place for conformance, ensure any non-conforming items are corrected and works with testing and inspection firms and/or regulatory agencies.

    Our corporate philosophy and workflow process produces quality at all project stages. We provide total quality management, in-house quality control inspection, construction sequence control and final inspections and/or system checks.

  • Transparency of Scope

    RISE Construction company provides transparency of scope from the beginning. It makes all the difference in how the overall building construction project comes together. A specialty contractor plays a critical role. They ensure client expectations are met within budget, timeline and project goals. They assist general contractors to comprehend the full project scope and identify and mitigate obstacles. Complete transparency helps everyone from contractor to customer to remain aware of the project status. This gives customers to opportunity to ask questions as the project progresses.

  • Flexible Contractors

    Find value through RISE Construction, a construction services firm that provides value in foresight and flexibility. It could be something like estimating costs of a substitute product versus analyzing how much the delay of the initial product will impact project lead time. Details like this can make a huge difference in cost savings and timeline management. Our team acts quickly to weigh options during pre-construction. Contractors might speak to product manufacturers to speed up delivery times to meet deadlines. This greatly helps other construction team members, including design, to plan for any potential issues.

  • Proactive Construction Company

    RISE works closely with its customers so each is fully aware of fine details. We follow the proposed schedule precisely. We plan ahead and analyze the time each activity will take, what delays might take place and so forth to collaborate better and mitigate risk. Our teamwork helps get more things done. We are proactive in planning the schedule and seeking feedback in advance.

  • Lean Construction Plan and Schedule

    Lean construction planning and scheduling is a comprehensive management approach to delivering the most value for the customer while consuming the least resources. Eliminate waste in all forms. Lean Construction techniques result in improved design team and trade contractor relationships, communication, scope definition, coordination, cost and schedule performance.

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Rise Construction operates through the combined strengths of our four companies Rise Construction Services LLC, Rise Concrete LLC, Rise Plumbing LLC and Rise Asset Management LLC.

We add value through our ability to tailor to our customers’ requirements for national growth, design-build rollouts, and pre-construction services. We assist with site selection, permitting, finish selection and procurement. Our mission is to make our customer’s rollout program less burdensome. Rise prides itself on its expertise in construction with building and expanding national programs.

The advantages of a self-performing general contractor are numerous. There is more control and flexibility from the contractor, holistic quality assurance, cost savings, better communication/collaboration, a single point of responsibility for the project and streamlined project management.

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Technology allows the customer and team to communicate and collaborate better and faster. Connect with stakeholders, architects, engineers, subcontractors, etc. We collaborate in the cloud using digital tools and project management software for design, schedule and budget.

We increase efficiency and cost savings with automation to streamline administrative functions and reduction of errors through optimized workflows. We maintain consistent accuracy with building information modeling (BIM) to render 3D models of building construction projects.

We improve safety with drones and sensors that identify hazards. RISE can reduce costs from rework, waste and labor. Improve the quality of construction through identification of design flaws and defects. We increase productivity with technology to streamline workflow and operations.

Realtime reporting and tracking keeps the project and budget on track. Custom satisfaction is also improved through technology through transparency in transaction and process.

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Our process involves analysis of feasibility, design, timeline, budget and management.

  • Feasibility

    We help our customers determine the feasibility of their project in the development process. RISE can provide clarification of scope and cost estimates so you can plan your budget reasonably. We can help you balance quality and cost for your construction project. Our team can provide recommendations and suggestions based on extensive experience and best practices with construction services.

  • Preconstruction

    Our preconstruction includes a range of services including design and concept review, scope evaluation, review of budget proposal, preliminary drawing, specification assessment, value engineering, regulatory compliance and risk analysis.

  • Schematics

    During this phase, we assist in the selection of the project team, review the building construction plan, define the project objectives and scope, review consulting studies/reports and oversee design plans.

  • Site Evaluation

    We will analyze the property line and cross-check with the location, study soil reports, identify unforeseen costs, verify easements (sewer, water, electrical and telephone), find storm drain or flood issues, identify possible zoning or environmental conflicts and define infrastructure costs.

  • Cost and Budget Plan

    We will prepare an analysis of value and report costs of alternative building materials or systems for your review. We can recommend cost effective solutions and prepare an initial budget. Our team can determine bonding requirements, analyze lifecycle costs and prepare cash flow.

  • Design Development

    Our team will coordinate with you and monitor plans and documents for compliance, use BIM modeling to recommend the best and most cost efficient materials, resolve conflicts with space and provide detailed shop drawings based on models. Our general contractor and remodeling contractor tools and software help personnel understand design and installation procedures, assist in scheduling tasks and reduce administrative costs.

  • Scheduling

    We prepare a schedule of proposed milestones and determine what permits and agency compliance requirements are needed. We flesh out a production schedule and master project schedule, identifying and amending lead times.

  • Documentation

    RISE implements a design management program with a reporting system for documentation. We also prepare a plan for quality control.

  • Bidding and Procurement

    Lastly, the bidding and procurement phase encompasses preparing instructions and bid forms, conducting walk-throughs, organizing personnel, executing submittals, pre-bid events, bid solicitation, subcontractor selection and permitting.

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