Building Construction

Our approach? Listen Better. Plan Better. Build Better. Rise Construction’s team of experts can help bring your building and construction design to life with superior quality, and attention to detail.



Rise provides comprehensive construction analysis, management and architectural planning at a great value:

  • Construction site due diligence
  • Building construction design development
  • Preconstruction and planning
  • Value analysis and engineering
  • Permitting and cost analysis
  • Building and project planning and management
  • Project execution

Analysis &

We are experts in construction and architecture. We help to analyze our clients’ projects to determine the feasibility of the design build.

Providing an in-depth analysis that includes cost estimates and project scope specification, we will support you in understanding how to budget for your potential project.

Armed with access to current rates for labor / material and extensive experience weighing construction costs against best practices, our team will help balance quality with cost and recommend options.

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  • Design build construction conception

    Design-build construction conception integrates design and construction processes, fostering collaboration for efficient and successful project outcomes.

  • Project scope analysis

    We assess and define the specific deliverables, tasks, and objectives of a construction project to ensure clarity and successful execution.

  • Budget proposal review

    Get a comprehensive understanding of the project’s financial plan, ensuring transparency and value.

  • Project drawing and specs assessment

    Ensure a seamless integration of your requirements, industry standards, and innovative solutions, for an optimized construction process offering superior outcomes.

  • Engineering value

    Offering innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions that optimize efficiency and overall project performance.

  • Review regulation requirements

    Ensure compliance with legal standards, avoid delays and penalties, and facilitate project completion.

  • Risk analysis

    Identify potential challenges and uncertainties, proactively mitigate them, and make informed decisions that minimize risks, ensuring the project stays on track and achieves its objectives efficiently.

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Preconstruction is the phase of the project that involves managing budget development, providing cost and method alternatives, consulting and monitoring available material costs. Our team of experts will work closely with constituents on this phase.

Rise Construction’s building construction design team will help to monitor, revise and update the project schedule with contract documentation. We accomplish the project goals with updated status reports, utilizing the most current information for project cost and accountability.

  • Schematics

    During the schematic phase of the project, the Rise Construction team will assist in reviewing the design and construction building program, selection of the project teams and define the scope of the project. We review any and all consulting, studies and reports available.

  • Estimates and Cost Controls

    Rise Construction is the expert on cost control management. We will get you the estimates and prepare an analysis of value that includes alternative building systems and material costs.

    Rise Construction is the expert on cost control management. We will get you the estimates and prepare an analysis of value that includes alternative building systems and material costs.

  • Time Management and Project Scheduling

    Our design and construction company will prepare the schedule of milestones and determine requirements for permitting, agency review, compliance and approval. The team will assemble a sequencing schedule along with a master project schedule and identify long lead items.

  • Bidding and Procurement

    The bidding and procurement process helps the team prepare instructions to bidders, conduct onsite visits, mobilize staff in the field, solicit bids, award subcontracts and assist in obtaining permits.

  • Site Analysis

    We will analyze the project and related information such as property line documentation, which will be cross-examined with the physical property. Soil reports will also be analyzed along with water, sewage, electrical and telephone easements.

    The team also checks for any potential flood or storm drain issues at the site. We will identify other infrastructure costs and verify zoning or environmental restrictions at the site of the project as well.

  • Building Construction Design Development

    Rise coordinates with architecture and engineering to monitor documentation and compliance and recommend any alternate construction methods and materials for cost cutting.

    Any spatial issues with the addition of detailed fabrication methods will be resolved to provide accurate installation drawings.

    A visualization aid will help assist the team in the field to get a comprehensive understanding of the building construction design and system installation. Our tools for scheduling and project management will reduce administrative time.

  • Construction Documentation

    The construction documentation phase includes organizing staff in the field, continued documentation review and preparation of a quality control plan in concert with the architect and owners. Design build services also include a reporting system for document control and submission.

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