What Is Design Build Construction? How Is It Beneficial For Construction Companies In Texas?

What Is Design Build Construction? How Is It Beneficial For Construction Companies In Texas?

The Design-Build construction method merges two integral aspects of any construction project. Instead of segregating contracts of design and build, this method brings them together as one. This allows the contractor, subcontractors, designers, and architectural engineers to work together as a team on a particular project. Not only does the design-build system make projects more cost-friendly but it also has several other benefits for any construction company in Texas and beyond. 

How Is Design Build Construction Different from the Traditional Design-Bid-Build Method of Construction?

In the traditional design-bid-build method of construction, the owner had to segregate the contracts of designing and construction. This effectively put the owner in the position of a middleman, who had to constantly mediate between these two parties. The design build system merges these contracts into one. The owner only needs to coordinate with a single contractor who forms a team with the designer and manages all subcontractors. Once the team is ready, the project’s goals, budget, and construction schedule are planned out and executed by the owner and the design build team. This alliance allows the owner and the entire team to focus on the best way to deliver the end product rather than get constantly distracted by unnecessary turf wars. 

How Does The Design Build Process Function?

The design-build process has five phases to it. While these may seem like a lot, it has to be understood that a lot of these phases function together. Also, the biggest advantage of this process is that the entire design-build team functions together throughout the entire process allowing things to move smoothly and efficiently.

Team Assembly

The owner has to choose an efficient design build team to ensure a successful project. The candidates require careful vetting and are mostly selected based on their skills and experience. While cost is an important factor, it is not the driving force behind the team’s selection. 

Understanding the value of the design-build method proves to be beneficial for the entire team. In most situations, this phase overlaps with the second phase, which is the pre-construction phase. The design-build team selected generally does a significant amount of research about the building site during the hiring process itself.

Pre- Construction

This phase is short but crucial. The entire design-builder team learns about the owner’s business during this phase. This includes its goals, budget, challenges, and the vision behind the project. All important questions about the project should be asked and answered during this phase itself.

Architects, engineers, contractors, and other consultants work in a coalition to assess electrical systems, current structures, and every other detail that needs to be determined before the construction begins. This phase allows the team to do close surveillance of the construction site and allows them to take all measures that are necessary to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the project.

Architectural Design

The team decides on the best possible design for the project at this phase. Areas of cost-saving and optimized productivity are assessed which also include functional requirements and style preferences. Preliminary drawings are presented to the owner and the final budget for the project is drafted. 

The entire project schedule is chalked out and all expectations about the project are made clear. As a result of the designer and the builder working together, no additional bids need to be placed and the project can start faster.


In a lot of situations, the construction phase overlaps with the architectural design phase. In case, it does not then, this phase can begin immediately after the pre-construction phase. Since there is only one point of contact, communication is simplified during this entire phase. Goals and deadlines are effectively met as workers are part of the same team. Owing to the collaborative nature of the design-build method, there are hardly any pronounced changes after the planning process.

Post Construction

After the completion of the project, the design build team provides an overview of the deliverables along with the required operations and maintenance training in the form of documented training, instructional videos, and in-person training. The post-construction process is much more streamlined and smooth due to the presence of one single team handling both design and construction.

What Are the Advantages of Implementing the Design Build Method?

The design build method allows you to create a streamlined and effective work process by merging the design and build aspects under one singular contract. As experienced professionals, here is how we at Rise Construction implement the design-build method to listen, plan, and build better.

Thorough Analysis

We begin by understanding your vision and needs. This gives our contractors clear insight into the goals and the primary points pertaining to the project.

Architectural and Design

Architects, contractors, subcontractors, and designers all work in a coalition to create the best possible design while keeping in mind the budget. This allows the owner to go through drafts and make well-informed decisions.

Estimating and Value Engineering

We deliver projects with disciplined procedures to make your builds more efficient and cost-effective. Prioritizing optimum value for initial and long-term investments allows us to save more in opportunity cost and overall project estimate.

Effective Scheduling and Planning

Design-build teams can deliver projects faster and with minimal changes. This allows you to save time and money.


Our contractors handle the permit process carefully and diligently, ensuring the fact that everything is up to code. Safety is always the highest priority.

Turnkey General Contracting

We understand the needs of our investors and ensure that we can handle new constructions, project additions, and remodels with ease, allowing the place to be work-ready upon completion.


A comparison of project delivery methods across varied project types and sectors has revealed substantial growth with regard to the design-build method over other methods of construction. For a detailed overview of the design-build methodology and how it can help your next project please visit our website.

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