Commercial Building Renovation Process – Office Renovation Checklist

Commercial Building Renovation Process – Office Renovation Checklist

The commercial construction process can be very overwhelming. If you take the steps to understand the process, set realistic benchmarks, and remain organized, you can master the commercial property refurbishment process and turn your vision into reality.

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Stick with us for commercial building and remodeling tips (along with a checklist). The Rise Construction experts will start with the planning process and carry you all the way to post-construction. This guide will give you a better idea of what to expect throughout your project.

What Is Commercial Building Construction?

Commercial construction involves the building or remodeling of structures for leasing or selling to private businesses. These structures can be office buildings, licensed practitioner offices, medical centers, retail shopping centers, etc.

If it’s time to remodel your commercial space, you’re probably feeling excited and anxious. You might be launching a new business venture or expanding your current location. We’re thrilled for you! Commercial property refurbishment is a big step toward growing your company and improving the value you provide to customers or internal stakeholders.


Sometimes, your business needs a simple facelift. Other times, it’s more in-depth than that. Maybe you’re seeking an interior redesign, an exterior makeover, or both. Whatever lies ahead, we’ll help you get the perspective you need with these steps towards constructing a commercial building.

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Commercial Building/Office Renovation Checklist

Let’s have a closer look at each item that your office building renovation checklist should include.

1. Planning

Planning is number one for a reason. You must choose a site in some cases, which can prove to be a challenge based on your industry and goals. Once you’ve chosen a location and understand its limitations, it’s time to determine a budget.

You should introduce your architect to your general contractor early in the process; everyone needs to be on the same page. If possible, look for a company that specializes in the complete commercial building process – from designing to building and everything in between.

2. Design

The more detailed the design, the better. If you and your team paint a clear picture of what you desire, then fewer miscommunications and mistakes will occur. Your design will also help you throughout the planning and permitting process. All building and redesign plans must comply with the City of Houston Building Code.

Tip: Contract documents will be pulled together. You’ll see a projected timeline and set costs. Read over this material carefully. Before you sign off on any designs understand what you’re signing.

3. Pre-Construction


The commercial building renovation process continues with you (the owner) giving the contractor notice informing them that they may proceed. It’s then that vendors and commercial subcontractors make their bids on your project materials and required services. At this point, all insurance and permit documents should be collected.

You can also prepare for a site investigation. This occurs so that you may avoid obstacles down the road, such as environmental hazards and other complications. The very soil that you’re opting to build on must be tested.

4. Procuring Materials and Confirming Projections

Your general contractor will then make all purchases necessary. All the labor, materials, and equipment needed should be in line and ready to go. It’s important that purchase orders are presented. These should reflect products that correspond to your set specifications and all initially agreed-upon prices. Avoid making oversights, because product and material details can quickly add up in commercial projects.

5. Construction and Post-Construction

We end this building renovation checklist with advice regarding the construction itself. There comes a time when all foundation, electric, and plumbing must undergo and pass a completion inspection. You can expect a “project punch-out” list. This is the step in your commercial building process where the fine-tuning occurs. Attention will be given to minor issues that haven’t met contract specifications, and adjustments will be made.

After every single requirement has been met your architect will provide a certificate of substantial completion and a final inspection will then take place.

Dominate Your Office Renovation with Rise Construction

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