Benefits Of Hiring A Self-Performing General Contractor

Benefits Of Hiring A Self-Performing General Contractor

The term self-performing has grown to become a hot topic in the construction industry. For any construction company in Texas, it is one of the most asked questions by clients. However, before going along with the flow of things, it is important to understand what a self-performing general contractor does? and whether you need one for your upcoming project?. 

To answer simply, in a self perform construction project, the lead contractor also takes responsibility for completing certain added tasks like concreting, carpentry, framing work, etc using the skilled workforce on their team. This proves to be quite beneficial for any construction company in Texas as they can lock in projects easily by offering this added incentive. Moreover, self-performing contractors benefit all clients associated with the project. We are going to break down the benefits of hiring self performing contractors in this article giving you a highlight of the many benefits of hiring Rise construction for your upcoming project. 

Save Time And Expedite the Construction Process

Self Performing general contractors in Houston know how to do their job. Their experience precedes them and they have a thorough idea about how to efficiently handle a project while keeping it within its time limits. Here are the many ways a self performing contractor can help you save on time.

Efficient Scheduling 

Having project-specific experience allows contractors to create accurate and dependable schedules. 

Efficient Recruiting

Since the time required to select and onboard a subcontractor is reduced substantially, the project time is not delayed due to these reasons. 


Self-performing general contractors have the option to supplement the subcontractor’s workforce with skilled in-house laborers in case there is any kind of delay on account of the subcontractor while the project is ongoing. 


For self performing contractors, there is more incentive to complete the project on time for their benefit. This generally lets self perform construction projects to stay on schedule. 

More Control 

Regardless to say that there is more control in the hands of the general contractor in a self perform construction project. 

Save Money On Your Project

The entire idea of a self performing construction project is to take on added tasks. For this reason, the lead contractor has to consider contingencies and costs related to labor necessities, material options, market fluctuations, and other project-related necessities. The formulation of an effective budget and efficient cost control is how the project stays profitable for the self performing construction company. 

The process of budgeting is initiated right from preconstruction. The general contractor’s knowledge and experience allow them to make accurate budget estimates for designs and material alternatives. The selection of the right material allows the contractor to provide the right value for the project. 

Efficient Quality Control

Having their team of skilled laborers working on-site, self performing contractors can guarantee excellent quality and also on time and within budget completion of the designated tasks. Self performing contractors are known to have years of experience under their belt. This allows them to have millworkers, carpenters, and concrete finishers at their fingertips. Owing to their experience and also their collaboration with the same group of people, self performing contractors can guarantee you high-quality products through efficient methods. 

Ensure Better Safety Standards

The many benefits of hiring a self performing crew are that they ensure better safety standards. Not only do they follow the safety standards that are laid out by the lead contractor, but their years of experience also allow them to function as an extra pair of trained eyes on the project. Their expertise also helps prevent accidents and correct risky behavior. 

Self performing construction is not the right call for every single project. There are situations where the lead contractor has to take a call on whether a self performing crew can be of assistance to both the client and the contractor as well. The construction site might compel the lead contractor to hire the assistance of a subcontractor over a self-performing crew. In case the self performing crew has to travel a long distance just to reach the construction site. A very simple solution to this problem is to provide temporary accommodation for the crew. This option is exercised by a lot of construction companies depending on the size and scale of the project. 

Self performing crews require efficient resource management. Depending on the existing resources of a project, a self performing crew might or might not be the best option. Managing resources can take considerable time, however, the lead contractor has to cater to labor requests daily. Keeping a self performing crew well informed about project details without the right communication channels in place can spell disaster for the project.

Regardless of whether a project requires a self performing crew or not it is always a good idea to hire a lead contractor who has led self performing construction projects. The main reason behind this is that they can manage projects better and are also able to offer clients the expertise of a true builder. 


With years of construction experience, Rise stands out as one of the preferred self performing contractors in Houston Visit the website today for more information about how we can help you build your project more efficiently.

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