what does Rise Construction’s Roofing Contractors in Houston have to offer? When faced with a roofing issue, clients require the expertise and reliability of Rise Construction. Whether the damage was a result of severe weather, fire, wind, or simply incorrect installation, it is crucial that the integrity of the roof structure be restored immediately to minimize the risk of further property damage. We offer full-service roof repair in Houston. We are certified in the application of multiple roofing systems including tile, metal, silicone/acrylic coatings, sprayed polyurethane foam, single ply, composition shingles, green roofs, and modified bitumen.


The capabilities of our roof repair in Houston consist of: tile, metal, silicone/acrylic, sprayed, polyurethane, single ply, composition shingles, green roofs and modified bitumen. So you may be wondering, why choose our residential roofing team over the others? Our team at Rise Construction is comprised of talented estimators, contractors, designers and tradesman in Houston and its suburbs. Our team doesn’t do great work simply because it’s expected, but because it’s who they are and what Rise Construction represents as an organization. We select Houston roofing contractors who have years of experience and strong reputations. The Rise Construction hiring process includes a background check, and we maintain insurance that protects your home and all workers. Our preferred vendors and partners have worked tirelessly with us for years, and that gives us maximum cost savings that are passed onto you. In summary, Rise construction is a locally owned company that provides on-site project manager, affordable Pricing, locally Owned Company,100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Insurance and on-Time Completion
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