Rise provides office build-outs in Houston. In the sales process, first impressions are paramount. Your place of business needs to have a delicate balance of creativity and professionalism; this isn’t an easy task. Through countless successfully completed projects, the team of office build out contractors at Rise Construction have mastered the art of creating offices and marketplaces. We offer several options for your next office remodel or build. You can select a more tailored improvement approach that puts you in the driver seat, or you can select our turnkey office build-out plan. The turnkey approach helps keep your office build-out costs to a minimum, and we implement the construction of proven workspace layouts with consistent materials. However, there is less customization available in order for our team to optimize costs and meet aggressive deadlines.


It is one of our top priorities to provide our customers with the best office build-out costs. Costs vary widely and are market dependent. For general figures, in 2011, Ziegler Cooper Architects estimated that a brand new slab condition office space will cost about $43 per square foot. This estimate is for standard finishes and will not accommodate specialty build outs for most professional service providers. An ornate professional build out could cost as much as $100 per square foot depending on the finishes and glass work required.
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