Rise Construction provides reliable kitchen remodeling in Houston! The kitchen is one of the most defining attributes of a home. An outdated kitchen can dramatically reduce the value of your home to potential buyers, and the appeal of your home to house guests. Our guess is that you already know that, and that’s why you’re here! Our kitchen remodeling contractors in Houston, Texas are ready to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams, and improve the value of your home.

Here at Rise Construction, we put customer communication first. It’s important that every Houston construction project meets your needs. That being said, your kitchen renovation in Houston, TX should appeal to your preferences while keeping the standards of the market in mind. Our team of expert contractors knows how to align modern kitchen design with your unique needs and wishes. Fighting for your best interests is the only real way to put you first.


When it comes to your Houston Kitchen Remodeling process, It’s helpful to know the procedures our kitchen remodel contractors follow, so your remodel can go as smoothly as possible. Choosing between custom or prefabricated kitchen cabinets will have a huge impact on the budget of your kitchen remodel. Custom cabinets will extend your project length, and require an increased spend for similar results. Planning and Design is essential for a successful kitchen remodeling. Depending on the particulars of your kitchen design requirements, the planning period could vary. For a more hands-on, detail oriented plan, this stage could take a significant amount of time, but you may be a lot more happy with the final result of your kitchen update. Tear-down & replacement are likely required when remodeling your kitchen. If new cabinets are part of your Houston kitchen remodel, the old cabinetry will need removed, and new cabinets and appliances will need installed. Appliances are frequently central to the design of your kitchen, so make sure these were covered during the planning stage. Lastly, The rest of the work is detail work like counter-tops (might be a big decision for your kitchen renovation), flooring, and clean up. Kitchen remodels can be very dusty, so cleaning is important before using your cooking and eating areas.
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