Be sure to read your policy before submitting a claims application to get an idea of what is covered and how. Many insurance policies have specific rules on what is covered depending on the damage occurred. Once you have called your insurance provider your claim will be assigned to a team of claim service professionals. They may work with your, Agent (the representative who sold you your policy), claims adjuster (the professional who will investigate your claim and determine damages covered) and other specialists (ex. general contractor, public adjuster, a restoration company). You should collect documentation of damage and value of items pre loss. This will help you and your insurance provider determine a settlement. You should collect any photos of structure, rooms, or items pre loss and take photos of damage. Additionally, make a list of values, be sure to include any additions to the property that may have been damaged, including how many rooms, appliances, electronics or furniture. Also, be sure to make a list of the type of repairs needed. Be sure to include how many feet of flooring, type of paint, carpet etc. Lastly, schedule an appointment to have your adjuster verify the loss matches your claims amount.


It is essential for you to receive an evaluation. Before your claims adjuster completes a property inspection you should get two independent estimates from licensed reputable contractors. This will help you get a better understanding for what types of repairs are needed and what kind of settlement you can expect. Your claims adjuster will complete a property inspection and determine whether your loss is covered. Your adjuster will collect any documentation you have pertaining to the loss or will collect their own. They may take photos of damages, interview witnesses or professionals who were directly involved during the time of loss. Your adjuster will evaluate coverage and complete an estimate if loss is covered. Now, lets discuss the resolution. Your adjuster will issue payment based on the estimate for repairs. If damages or loss is not covered partially or whole your insurance provider will issue a statement identifying why. If your claim is complex resolution may take longer. Now you may be wondering, is my claim closed? Once your claim is resolved according to your policy terms your claim is considered closed. If you have any questions pertaining to claim do not hesitate to call your claims representative. So, why choose us? With over 15 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide a professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction. We provide financial responsibility to our clients, superior quality and craftsmanship, quality and value to the projects we deliver, the highest Standards in Cost Control, time and budget management and a real focus on customer satisfaction.
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