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If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you should get familiar with these age-old kitchen design principles, as they’ll make a huge difference in your kitchen remodel. Not only will your space look nicer with the following kitchen design layout rules, but it will be more functional and efficient.

3 Kitchen Design Considerations

If you want a kitchen that’s not only beautiful but also comfortable to work in, stick to these principles of kitchen layout and design for sinks, islands and storage.

1. Kitchen Sink Design Considerations

Your kitchen sink is one of the most functional parts of your kitchen since you likely use it several times a day. That’s why you can’t just put your sink anywhere when designing your kitchen. Be sure to consider important kitchen design principles regarding sink placement.

For example, one of the most crucial kitchen layout rules involves the work triangle, which is basically a triangle comprised of the sink, oven and refrigerator. This triangle should be small enough that you can easily move from one of those three spots to the other when you’re cooking or cleaning, but also large enough that someone else can be in that space without bumping into you.


Another of the kitchen sink design considerations is that the dishwasher and trash should be close enough to the sink that post-meal cleanup is quick and easy. You don’t want to travel across the kitchen to throw out old food before putting dishes into the dishwasher.

The dishwasher should go next to the sink with about two feet of countertop space on both sides of the sink. If these kitchen sink design considerations don’t come naturally to you, don’t worry. You can always call in the professionals for help determining where to place your sink. Reach out to Rise Construction for help with kitchen remodeling in Houston, TX.

2. Kitchen Island Design Rules

Kitchen islands have several potential uses. As you consider the kitchen island design rules, you must decide how you’re going to use this space. If you’re envisioning family or friends gathering around the island to socialize, make sure it’s at least counter height and long enough to fit a few bar stools.

You might even want to append a small bar, so the island is at two different heights, with the elevated section being where people can place food and drinks and the lower area for food prep.

If you want more room to prepare food, you should keep the whole island at the same level to maximize the space. Be sure to add electrical outlets to the island if you plan to prepare food on it, since you might be using a can opener, blender, crockpot or other small appliances.


Consider features you’d like to add to the island. Do you want to add a small sink for food prep, or a standard sink for the dishes? If so, recall the corresponding kitchen sink design considerations and make sure your dishwasher is also part of the island, near the sink.

If you want to add an oven or cooktop to the island, leave at least 18 inches of space on both sides of the oven or cooktop, and consider using heat-resistant materials for the countertop.

If you have questions about these basic kitchen design principles, get Houston residential construction help from Rise Construction today.

3. Kitchen Design Rules of Thumb for Storage

Some of the most important kitchen design considerations involve storage space. For example, the dishes you use every day should be stored on shelves or cabinets by the sink and dishwasher, while pots and pans are best by the stove.

Your silverware drawer should be near the dishwasher, but not within the work triangle, since you want to be able to set the table without getting in the way of the person who is cooking.

Spices, spatulas, knives and other prepping and cooking essentials should be near the stove. On the other hand, any small appliances, dishes and cleaning supplies you don’t use often can go in the pantry. Keep in mind how many of these items you have as you design your new pantry.

If you’re new to these kitchen design rules, it may be time to get help with your kitchen remodel. Contact Rise Construction today to learn how we can work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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