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If you have a garage that sits unused, you may be thinking about turning it into valuable square footage for your home. After all, making a garage into a room is a popular way to get more from the property you own, and to ensure that every part of your home suits your taste and needs.
If you’ve wondered just how to turn a garage into a room, check out the helpful information below. Renovating a garage into a bedroom is a totally doable step once you understand the process and what it entails.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom

If you have a garage in your home that is at least 400 square feet, you have a usable space that you can convert into living or sleeping space.

First, get in touch with a company like Rise Construction that regularly does Houston home remodeling in order to gauge what your space will need structurally. There are many steps that a contractor will take when converting a garage into a bedroom, including:

  • Adding electricity or upgrading electrical service so that you can power electronics and lights
  • Insulating the space so it is usable in summer and winter
  • Replacing garage doors with a real wall so that the structure is safe and structurally sound
  • Adding in doors and windows so that the space is accessible and light can get in
  • Adding insulation over the concrete floor slab and adding in a finished floor
  • Insulating the ceiling so the structure and its contents are protected in all seasons
  • Adding or connecting heating and cooling systems to the space

One of the most important parts of converting a garage into a bedroom is that the space should feel like a real room, not a garage in which you have placed furniture.

Speak to your architect or design company before you start the renovation to make sure you’re taking all of the appropriate steps to change up the space. You’ll want to add windows that are proper sizes and in proper places, install doors in logical spots (not necessarily where garage doors were), and add elements to ceilings or roofs to make them feel less low or slanted. Also, make sure you find a new place to store belongings that were originally stored in your garage, since you’ll want to be able to access things like a lawnmower, leaf blower and gardening tools easily — but not from a sleeping space.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Room That Suits Your Needs and Taste

Once a construction company has handled the structural remodel of your garage, it’s time to make that space look great. Treat your garage like you would any other bedroom of your house. First, add carpeting to make the floor warm and comfortable to walk on. Next, add a bed that is comfortable to sleep in, as well as bedding that matches the season. Finally, add design touches to bring in your personal style, including lighting fixtures, pillows, textiles and more. Furnishing and designing a space is the final step in creating a bedroom that people actually want to spend time in.

How to Remodel a Garage Into a Bedroom in the Houston Area

If you’re looking to convert a garage into a usable space in the Houston area, rely on Rise Construction — one of the best construction companies in the area. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and wants for your garage to room conversion, discuss the cost of converting a garage into a room, then start working to make your dream for your space a reality.

Contact Rise Construction today if you have any questions or if you simply want to learn how we can help you convert your garage into a beautiful sleeping space.

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