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Hardwood floors add natural beauty to homes. Unfortunately, a leaking pipe or flood can cause severe water damage to hardwood floors. Knowing what to do when your house floods can have a major effect on the cost of repairs.
If your floor is burdened with an excessive amount of water, you’ll want to respond quickly to protect your hardwood.

The Four Main Factors That Affect Hardwood Floor Water Damage

There are four main factors to consider when deciding how to fix water-damaged hardwood floors:

  • How long the wood has been exposed to the water.
  • The type of wood.
  • The amount of moisture present.
  • How much wood floor water damage has already occurred.

1. The Response Time

The longer your floor has been exposed to water, the more difficult hardwood water damage repair becomes. Ideally, you want to respond to the situation as soon as you discover it. If you wait as little as 24 hours, mold could start growing on and under your floors.

Contact Rise Construction for drying and dehumidification services as soon as you find your flooded floor. The longer you wait, the more time you give mold to grow.

2. The Type of Wood

The type of hardwood floor that you have may influence how you respond to the situation. Some wood species absorb water faster than others. If your hardwood floor starts to absorb water, it could expand and buckle.

Since you probably don’t have a lot of experience working with different types of wood, you should contact Rise Construction to learn more about your options. Their professionals have seen every type of hardwood floor water damage that you can think of, so they’ll know how to respond.

3. The Amount of Moisture

A small amount of water probably won’t damage your floors if you remove the moisture as soon as possible. For instance, if you discover a small leak that just started, you can clean the area and look for damage without professional assistance.

Large amounts of water could require professional wood floor water damage repair. If you can’t eliminate the moisture with a mop and fan, then you probably need help from an experienced professional.

Drying hardwood floors with water damage may require tools that you don’t have. Plus, you’ll want a professional to assess the water-damaged floor boards and look for mold under hardwood floors.

4. How Much Damage Has Occurred

If you can already see water damage to your hardwood floors, then you have a serious problem. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to refurbish or replace your floor.

How to Fix Your Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

Learning how to fix water-damaged wood floors takes a lot of training. You can, however, do some things to prevent or slow further damage.

When you find the damaged floors, you should:

  • Turn on your air conditioner to help evaporate the water.
  • Open windows, weather permitting.
  • Use a sponge, mop, or wet vacuum to remove standing water.
  • Remove soggy rugs and/or flooded carpet.

Since you’re going to need water damage restoration in Houston, contact Rise Construction immediately to schedule an appointment.

How to Prevent Mold Under Your Hardwood Floors

Obviously, you’re worried that your flooded hardwood floors will warp. Mold, however, is an even bigger concern because it can cause asthma symptoms and allergic reactions.

How you prevent mold under your hardwood floors depends on where the floor is located. If you have a room under the damaged floor, you should place multiple fans and dehumidifiers in the area. If possible, cut a hole in the ceiling so you can dry the subfloor under your hardwood.

If you don’t have a space under your hardwood floor, place the fans and dehumidifiers in the affected space. You want to remove as much moisture as possible to stop mold from growing.

Over the next few weeks, look for discoloration or odd smells that can indicate mold growth.

Water damage doesn’t have to ruin your hardwood floors. Respond quickly, remove the water, and get help from Rise Construction for the best chance of saving your floor.

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