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When you own a property that you rent to make money, you want to make sure you are maximizing income. To increase the amount of rental money you generate, it can help to make improvements to rental property.

Top 5 Rental Property Improvements

Our team of home remodeling contractors in Houston have compiled a list of the best rental property improvements to make for property investors. These improvements to increase rental value will realize significant ROI over time.

1. Boost Curb Appeal


Curb appeal really matters when it comes to positioning the value of a property. You can increase the amount of money that people will pay by investing in landscaping, outdoor decor, and a welcoming outward appearance. Curb appeal determines a renter’s first impression and will help you demand a premium for your property.

To boost curb appeal, paint the exterior of a property, add flowers, trees, and shrubbery, care for the lawn, and incorporate small touches like a welcome mat and a bird feeder.

2. Add New Appliances

When it comes to improvements for rental property, appliances may feel like a significant cost. However, installing new, clean, up-to-date appliances can be a huge selling point for renters.

When you invest in new appliances, your kitchen will feel like a more appealing space to potential tenants, and they may be willing to pay more for kitchen devices that are aesthetically pleasing and operate efficiently.

3. Remove Old Carpet


Old carpeting can deter even the most interested renters. Removing used carpeting might be one of the easiest rental property upgrades to make — especially if you have hardwood floors under the carpet.

Remove the carpet, then clean, sand, and finish the wood floors underneath. If there’s not wood under the carpet, consider whether you’re willing to invest in wood flooring, or opt for another alternative like faux wood or tile.

If you decide to make wood flooring improvements, contact our Houston flooring installation team today for a quote.

4. Install New Bathroom Fixtures

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One of the best upgrades before renting a house that’s easy and cost-effective is the replacement of bathroom fixtures. Buying new shower heads, faucets, and sink handles can make your bathrooms appear newer without having to make any serious renovations.

If you have cabinetry or drawers in your bathroom, you may also consider switching out the drawer pulls or knobs and the cabinet handles to make the space look more modern. If you want to increase rental rates even more, consider opting for luxury options for fixtures, like a rain shower head.

5. Paint


This improvement sounds simple, but you should paint the walls of your rental home. Painting your walls can give the entire house a fresh look and brighten the space up. Make sure you repaint the walls a neutral color so that tenants can imagine themselves living there when they visit for the first time.

To learn more about how to increase rental income, contact Rise Construction today. Our company is a leading provider for construction in Houston, TX, and we can help you determine and implement the best upgrades before renting a house so that you can generate more rental income and be proud of the properties you rent.

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